My EVS is helping to bring wireless charging to market

Company Overview

Under the brand name MyEVS, 4th Dimension Technology is aiming to make sustainable transport accessible and affordable through innovation and technology. Our vision is to provide the world of EV charging with a leading-edge digital platform that helps drive a sustainable future for transport while ensuring charging assets are fully optimized.

We offer a full end to end to service that helps organisations understand the solution needed to meet their requirements, both now and in the future. Services also include consultancy, charge point feasibility reporting and a full turnkey installation service.

Why Wireless Charging’s Important?

Looking forward, we see an environment where charging your vehicle will be as simple as parking your car and paying to charge will be an automated process doing away with the need for cables, downloading apps and making prepayments. Ultimately the experience will be smooth and effortless.

Project AMiCC is an opportunity to showcase the future of electric vehicles (EV) as well as being a part of what will likely become the next frontier in EV charging technology. As a UK company we are proud to be one of only a few businesses helping to bring wireless charging to market. We believe wireless charging will play an important role in accelerating the transition to EV, making the user experience seamless whilst addressing markets that the current state of the art is unable to fully satisfy.

Wireless charging can help address key segments in the market that might otherwise struggle to switch to EV due the shortcomings of wired charging. User types such as emergency vehicles, security vehicles, disabled drivers and autonomous EV’s are just a few examples of where charging via a cable is impractical.

Wireless innovation is a key enabler for the broad adoption of electric vehicles. Furthermore, it will change our behaviours in terms of the way we use and charge our vehicles in favour of power snacking as opposed to the conventional pattern of fully charging and running to near empty. Wireless also has the potential to be a more manageable challenge from a grid and infrastructure perspective and could lead to smaller batteries and ultimately lower cost vehicles.

Wireless Hardware and Management

As the project partner responsible for site design and installation, working closely with consortium members and the project hardware partner Lumen Freedom, who are market leaders in developing wireless charging systems. Over the course of the project, 4DT are installing wireless chargers across three locations. Via our in house developed hardware and a developed for AMiCC management platform, we are able to gather valuable data and insights that will help the project understand the role that wireless charging will play in the future of e-mobility.

Lumen Freedom wireless charging system

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Kesley March is a Junior Analyst working on Project AMiCc at 4th Dimension Technology.

Project AMiCC is supported by Innovate UK and funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) as part of the On-Street, Wireless, and Catalysing Green Innovation Programme. With this initiative, OZEV has invested £50m in transformative R&D that puts the UK at the forefront of zero emission transport to help deliver on the UK’s decarbonisation goals and to anchor economic growth.

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